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Dr. Briar Ballantyne

Veterinarian/Practice Manager


Dr Riley's Pet



Oswald is a rescue Maltese who came into Dr Riley’s care when he was only 4 days old after she discovered he had a cleft palate. Despite having a few extra holes in his mouth, it doesn’t stop him from enjoying his favourite food – hot chippies!

Betty & Rafiki

Dr Briar's Pets

Betty & Rafiki.JPG


Betty is a 1 year old Labrador X Golden Retriever. She was bred to be an international service dog & would be flown overseas to work; however, due to COVID, flights were cancelled & Dr Briar was lucky enough to get her instead! Betty is a very sweet & gentle girl, who loves all humans and animals. She loves her morning walks and getting to visit the clinic most Wednesdays with her mum. She adores family time and spending it with her 3 human siblings.


Rafiki is a Domestic Short Hair that was orphaned as a kitten, he was then fostered by our clinics Royal Canin food representive. Dr Briar adopted him at 8 weeks of age and he became part of their growing family. He is a very independent boy, that likes his own space; however, he does love his 3 human siblings and spends a lot of his time getting carried around!


Dr Laura's Pet



Taz is a beautiful White and Calico coloured Domestic Short Hair that was adopted from the Humane Society back in Canada when she was just a kitten. She is such a brave little girl; she migrated all the way to Australia from Canada with Dr. Laura! She is super chatty and loves the fact she has swapped the snow for sun beams which she is found basking in daily.


Nurse Karen's Pet



Maisie is a Cavoodle and has been with Karen since she was 7 weeks old. She is a very active dog with lots of energy. She gets a morning walk every day before Karen heads to work; she also loves to help her mum with the washing by running off with socks!​ She is also very lucky as she gets her teeth brushed every day. Karen and Maisie were also long term members of the local dog obedience club and were close to entering obedience trials when COVID hit and put and end to that plan. 

Luna & Bullet

Nurse Courtney's Pets

Luna & Bullet.JPG


Luna is a 8 year old Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog X, she was adopted when she was a puppy from the RSPCA. Luna is a very anxious dog who is very timid around new people and new places. She adores her family and her little brother Bullet. Luna is an extremely smart girl who enjoys training, swimming and running. Nurse Courtney has done an abundance of training with Luna, including obedience classes, advanced obedience classes and scent training.


Bullet is a Miniature Dachshund cross Yorkie AKA a Dorkie! He is 4 years old and weighs a whopping 3.8kgs! He loves playing with and annoying his big sister Luna. He is ball obsessed and will do anything for a ball; if he can not find a ball, he will bring you anything and everything in hopes you will throw it for him! 

Manchas & Run Run

Nurse Connie's Pets



Manchas is a Border Collie X Cattle dog born in February 2022. Connie and her family went all the way to Toowoomba to adopt her from a farm. She was the smallest pup of the litter, which made the whole family fall in love with her instantly. Even though Manchas has working breed genes, she love laying on the couch with her humans! She also loves teasing Run Run, trying to make her play with her; they sometimes end up running though the whole house. You may have the pleasure on Mondays to see Manchas behind the reception bench as she loves coming to work with her mum, Connie.

Run Run

Run Run is a 4 year old Domestic Short Hair, she was adopted through a rescue group when she was seven months old, in April 2020. Now Miss Run Run knows she is the goddess of the house, even Manchas understands that. She is the most typical cheeky little cat you will ever meet! She loves her cuddle time but only when she wants the cuddles, she also loves sleeping on her humans bed, it just depends on her how she feels on the day to which bed she chooses!!


Nurse Sarah's Pet



Lexy is a 13 year Domestic Medium Hair who owns Nurse Sarah! She loves sleeping all day and is a pretty chilled out and relaxed cat, which has earned her the nickname “Little Hippy”. Nurse Sarah has had Lexy since the day she was born. 

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