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Our Pets

Just like you, our team members love animals. Big or small – we love them all! As you can imagine, over the years we have all adopted a myriad of pets, each with its own special story and unique personality. We hope you enjoy reading about our precious pets on this page and can rest assured all of our staff have first-hand experience in caring for furry and/or feathered family members.


Daisy is a little miniature Dachshund cross Jack Russell with short legs and a very long body. She came from Warwick and is now 10 months old. Daisy gets into a lot of mischief and especially loves chewing on soft toys, socks, shoes, wood and anything in the garden!! Daisy loves playing with children especially when they lay on the ground. Being short she loves to rest on high places like tables. She is my little house buddy and great company.

Flick, Morty & Hamlet

Flick was adopted when she was 2 years old from the Animal Welfare League; she was very skinny, nervous & had endured a rough start to life! 6 years later she’s a very happy, healthy & loving dog! Flick was born with a cleft palate, although it doesn’t affect her way of life, she has a big split between her nostrils! Her favourite things in life are treats, belly rubs & spending as much time as possible with her fur-mum Ellie.



Morty is a 5 year old Labrador with a big heart & even bigger stomach! He came to live with Groomer Ellie after his original owner went into aged care and was unable to care for him. Although his owner loved him very much, they could not stop feeding him! Morty weighed a whopping 56 Kilos when he was rehomed! After implementing a more appropriate diet & exercise regime, he now weighs a healthy 30 Kilos! His best friend in the world Flick helped him on his massive weight loss journey & together they can now live their happiest & healthiest long lives!




More affectionately known as “Hammie” has been a part of Groomer Ellie’s fur-family since he was a teeny 4 days old! He was bottle fed & spoilt rotten until he was too big to live inside! At 7 years old, he now weighs a whopping 150kg & has a big paddock to spend his days collecting sticks to munch on & snoozing in the sun! The team always bring their leftover food scraps to send home to him, which he loves!




Pancake has some very different hobbies which include running away from Toddlers, hiding up high and watching said Toddlers and eating food, a lot of cat food!! She also likes to sleep and relax in some very strange positions once the kids have gone to sleep. She is fitting in very well to the family and everyone just adores her.

Luna and Bullet


Luna is a 4.5 year old Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog X, she was adopted when she was a puppy from the RSPCA. Luna is a very anxious dog who is very timid around people and new places. She adores her family and her little brother Bullet. Luna is an extremely smart girl who enjoys training, swimming and being active. She also drives her parents crazy with being able to jump over their 7 foot fences!


Bullet is a 1.5 years old Miniature Dachshund cross Yorkie AKA a Dorkie! He loves playing with and annoying his big sister Luna. He is a very independent and fun loving dog, he loves his tennis ball, anything that is round and can be rolled or thrown he wants it!


“Henri” & “Henrietta”


We have 2 blue and white budgerigars who live here at our clinic. You may have met these chatty little birdies in our waiting room, or heard them over the phone when you speak to one of our receptionists.

They came to us separately as stray birds and have lived with us for many years after remaining unclaimed. Chewing up the natural leaves, gum nuts, pine cones, and branches we add to their cage is their favourite hobby, and they are quite happy to say hello to clients and pets who come to visit too. Despite dogs jumping up, sniffing and barking at them, and cats sometimes staring at them as if they were ‘dinner’, Henri and Henrietta remain unfazed!

“Lexy” Smith



Say hello to Lexy, the nearly 10 year old domestic short hair owned by Nurse Sarah. Lexy is a very photogenic grey and white hippy-like fluff ball, who enjoys nothing more than lounging around the house and garden, sleeping, relaxing, eating, and occasionally exploring when she feels like it.

Lexy is the older and wiser big sister to Mr Toulouse (pictured below), and lets him know it when he is pestering her too much (like when he jumps on her during nap time!). Nurse Sarah has had Lexy since she was only 1 day old and loves her just as much today as she did back then.

“Maisie” Modra


Nurse Karen is the proud owner of this crazy little critter. Maisie is 1 year old now and after attending Puppy Preschool here at our clinic she is well on her way to becoming a polite, calm pooch….although she currently loves to jump up on everybody, lick, chew, and play as much as she can get away with!

She is a very happy Cavoodle who loves to do tricks and training with Mum Karen and regularly attends dog obedience and enrichment classes. This youngster enjoys walks, food-stuffed Kongs, meeting other dogs, and hanging out at our clinic where (as you can imagine) she gets lots of attention from us all!

“Ziggy” Modra



Ziggy was adopted by Nurse Karen as a small kitten from a friend’s litter. Back then Ziggy was affectionately known as ET, due to his unique appearance compared to his litter mates. He has since grown into a very handsome, incredibly lazy, 11 year old boy who enjoys his daily routine of sleeping for 23 hours and eating whenever he can. It sure is a tough life being a cat…..

“Toulouse” Smith


Toulouse is a 3 year old domestic medium hair who holds a special place in all of our hearts as he was born and raised right here at Capalaba Vet Clinic. His mother kitty was brought to our clinic as a heavily pregnant stray and of course Nurse Sarah fell in love with this beautiful boy as soon as she saw him! Toulouse has a big personality and greets Sarah when she returns home from work by crying hysterically at the front door. Toulouse also lets her know when he’s not impressed by turning the cold shoulder and is capable of holding a grudge for a long while….until food time! Toulouse is a very clever cat as he can ‘sit’ on command. He loves exploring the garden and jumping on Sarah’s other cat Lexy when she is sleeping.