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shutterstock_79961566At Capalaba Vet Clinic we are often asked, “What is the best food to feed my pet?” Unfortunately there is not one specific diet suitable for all pets. Our staff are trained to give advice on the varying dietary requirements of all pets. We stock a range of products suitable for healthy pets at all life stages from those just weaned through to our senior pets.

A lot of research goes into the manufacture of premium food products. Basically you do pay for what you get. Many dogs do okay on the cheaper supermarket brands. If so labelled, they may comprise balanced diets, but the quality and control of their ingredients can vary greatly. Premium products are produced with less fillers, making them a much higher quality source of protein and carbohydrates. Please talk to one of our team for the best advice in pet nutrition.


We also stock a large range of veterinary only “Prescription Diets”. These have been developed to assist those pets with certain medical conditions. In some cases, medical diseases are controlled well with the correct diet alone, avoiding the need for medical drugs. There are available commercial diets suitable for pets with urinary, intestinal, kidney, liver, metabolic, arthritis, diabetes, skin conditions, food allergies and heart diseases as well as diets to aid arthritis sufferers and for our senior pets showing signs of brain ageing. We do recommend a consultation before starting your pet on any of these diets where we can confirm which diet would suit your pet the best.

Weight control is an important issue in keeping your pet healthy, and a passionate topic of our staff. As pet owners we often don’t notice our pet’s weight slowly increasing. At Capalaba Vet Clinic we offer a free service where we will weigh and measure your pet, calculate their body score and recommend their ideal weight. We will suggest a suitable diet and the correct amount to feed. We also have exercise programs designed for your pet to aid in their weight loss. We recommend fortnightly “weigh ins” where we can monitor, record and track your pet’s weight loss progress. Please ask one of our vets or nurses for their help in setting up a weight loss program for your pet.