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New Kitten

Introducing a new kitten to your family can be an exciting (and sometimes nerve wracking) time.

It can be overwhelming working out what are the best litter trays, scratching posts, toys and food. You also need to remember to vaccinate on time, deworm, use flea, tick and heartworm prevention, get them microchipped and desexed –  not to mention trying to find them when they get stuck behind the washing machine after chasing that dust speck around the house! It is lucky that they are so cute, and so much fun!

Kitten care

The expert on kittens is your local vet clinic – that’s us. We have a wealth of experience with all of the lifestyle choices you need to make as well as a complete understanding of the things that are less flexible – like vaccination schedules and parasite control.

Our kitten vaccination schedule involves three injections starting at 8 weeks of age, staggered by 3-4 weeks per injection. The core vaccine is called an F3 and covers rhinotracheitis virus, calicivirus and panleucopaenia virus (Cat flu and infectious diarrhoea).


We also recommend all kittens are vaccinated for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) at the same time as their core vaccines. FIV is a risk to all cats that spend any time outdoors as it spreads through fighting with other cats. More than 80% of people plan on having a totally indoor cat when they first acquire a kitten and less than 20% still have a totally indoor cat after 12 months (they REALLY love to sneak outside!)


As it is easier to remove a vaccine from the schedule than to add it in later we recommend starting out with full coverage and adjusting later if need be. Once your kitten vaccination schedule is complete she will come back for a single booster every 12 months.


As well as protecting your kitten from nasty viruses, you also need to defend your cat (and family) from parasites. If you have walked into any petshop, supermarket, pharmacy in recent years you will see that the selection of pet parasite control options is ever expanding and choosing the right product for your kitten can be confusing. This is where we can help.  There are four main groups of parasites that you need protection from – intestinal worms, heartworm, fleas and ticks.


Kitten Care

Kitten and adult parasite schedules can vary slightly with young kittens needing intestinal worming fortnightly until they are 12 weeks old.  We then recommend they progress onto an all encompassing product like Bravecto Plus every 2 months, or Revolution Plus every month.

It is important at all stages to have an accurate weight for you kitten to ensure that the dose of wormer is appropriate. We will weigh your kitten every time you visit for vaccinations, but you are also welcome to pop in between scheduled visits to use our accurate scales free of charge.


Products like Bravecto Plus and Revolution plus protect against ticks, fleas, heartworm and most intestinal worms. However, if your little one is fond of stalking and catching geckos or other little creatures they are at risk of being infected with Spirometra tapeworm, in which case you should add in a popantel tapewormer tablet every three months to your routine.

If you purchase your products at our clinic we will send you reminders via sms or email when you need to purchase more

That ticks off vaccinations and Parasites –  food, games, litter trays (and where your kitten might possibly be hiding now) will be covered at the next link!