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Medical Services

Once your pet has been diagnosed with a particular disease or problem the next step is what course of treatment we need to follow. Many conditions can be treated with various medications.  Some conditions may only need short term treatment but other conditions may require life long management and treatment.

PharmacyWe have a well stocked pharmacy that includes prescription medications as well as over the counter products. Both can be dispensed at the time of consultation. Occasionally we may need to order in a specific product. This will generally only take a couple of days to come in.

It is important that you follow the directions of medication carefully and the whole course of treatment be given. We understand that your life is busy and you may forget to medicate your pet. We also understand that some cats and dogs just don’t like taking their pills. Please let us know if either of these situations apply to you, so that we are able to offer you other options.

For those pets on long term medications we can supply repeat prescriptions over the counter. Please ask one of our nurses who will check with the veterinarian. Occasionally we will recommend blood tests to monitor your pet for any possible side effects of certain medications.

It is against the law for us to supply prescription medications over the counter without us seeing your pet first. Our nurses will happily advise you if there is an alternative medication that may be suitable for your pet’s condition or they may recommend a consultation with one of our vets.

Occasionally your pet may need to be admitted for medical treatment. This may be for intravenous fluid therapy or for close control of certain medications when your pet is very ill. We aim to keep their time in hospital as short as possible. If an overnight stay is required for critical patients we will discuss referral to a 24hour clinic for over night care, monitoring or treatment.