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Wellness Checks

shutterstock_186252458 Thanks to the advances in veterinary medicine and surgery, our pets are living longer than they did thirty to forty years ago. They are no longer just a pet living in the back yard, but an important member of the family sharing our daily life. At Capalaba Vet Clinic we understand the importance of good health maintenance and the early diagnosis of disease to ensure your pet remains comfortable, healthy and pain free well into their senior years.shutterstock_129311543

Vaccinations, parasite control and a balanced diet is a good start in maintaining a healthy pet. Each animal is different with different needs. We offer a personalised assessment of your pet and want to work with you in order to maintain a high quality of life for your pet.

We recommend an annual check up for all pets. As pets age more rapidly than we do, for senior pets we recommend they visit us twice a year. An annual blood and urine test may pick up an underlying disease long before you pet shows any clinical signs.  Simple changes in lifestyle or diet may be all that is needed to manage certain conditions, so giving your pet a longer, happier life.