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Diagnostic Services

Our veterinarians are our most valuable diagnostic tools. This is what they have been trained in. Years of practical experience enhances that knowledge gained in veterinary school. Our vets regularly participate in Julieveterinary seminars and courses in order to keep abreast with the latest information and to upgrade their skills.

Our vets will examine your pet in the consultation room. A detailed history is obtained and a thorough examination done of your pet. Sometimes you may think we ask a lot of questions but often it is the little things that you may think are unimportant that give us a clue in diagnosing your pet’s problem. Please don’t be afraid to mention anything that you feel isn’t quite right with your pet. Remember, your pet can’t talk and we rely on you to tell us exactly what is happening with your pet at home.




For many conditions further tests are required for an accurate diagnosis. These include the collection of blood, urine and/or faeces for further testing, examination by x-ray and/or ultrasound. These can be done on site at Capalaba Veterinary Clinic.



Today we are very lucky to have available the services of specialised veterinarians who have specialised equipment to aid in diagnosis of those more complicated cases. These include specialists in endocrinology and medical conditions, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatology, surgery, dentistry and behaviour. If indicated and after discussion with you, referral to a specialist may be recommended for your pet.