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shutterstock_133897286For the overall health of your pet we recommend dental checks every six to twelve months. This can be performed by our vets during a consultation or you can book in for a “Free Nurse Dental Check”. Our pets do suffer pain in their mouth just like we do when we have a sore tooth. 

Have you checked your pet’s breath lately? Smelly breath is a sign that something is not right in your pet’s mouth. It’s best to have it seen to sooner than later. Most pets will still eat even if they have a sore mouth.

We can provide you with advice on cleaning your pet’s teeth with special toothpaste and brushes, dental foods and treats or mouthwashes. These will slow down the progression of dental disease. However, just like us, a regular visit to the veterinary dentist for a scale and polish is necessary to maintain a healthy mouth.shutterstock_190667918

To provide an effective scale and polish a general anaesthetic is required. Each tooth is individually examined for chips, cracks, gingival pockets and signs of disease. We use an ultrasonic scaler and polisher to clean the surface of each tooth on the inside and out. Often it is difficult to identify teeth they may need removal while your pet is awake. Under anaesthetic we can more easily examine the dental pockets around teeth and assess the degree of gingival and periodontal disease. Our pets don’t generally suffer from cavities like we do, but diseased gums are a common occurrence and degeneration of the ligament around teeth is an indication for tooth removal as this condition is painful in our pets.

naomi dentalGenerally, we will only extract those teeth that are a source of disease and pain for your pet (such as severely misaligned teeth in the case of malocclusion). We’ll inject a local anaesthetic to block the pain of tooth removal, and suture the gum if required.

After tooth removal we generally recommend a diet of cubed meat, only for a few days, while the site heals. A free check up five days later to ensure the mouth is healing well is a good idea.

On occasions you pet may suffer a broken healthy tooth with the tooth root exposed. These are painful. As an alternative to tooth removal you have the option of referral to a dental vet specialist who can perform root canal treatment or capping.

For further information on dental care please read through our Pet Information Handouts.


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