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8/29 Moreton Bay Road, Capalaba QLD 4157

Clinic Tour

Reception/Waiting Room

As you walk into our clinic you will be greeted by our friendly nurses at reception. They will take your details and ask you to weigh your dog on the scales (cats are weighed later in the consultation room), ready for your appointment. If you or your pet have any special needs please ask for our assistance. For your pet’s safety, we ask you to please keep your dog on a lead and your cat in a cat carrier while waiting to be seen.

We stock a comprehensive range of Hills and Royal Canin prescription dog and cat food, as well as non-prescription products including a range of flea, tick and worming products. Please talk to our qualified vet nurses on reception for any advice on choosing the correct product for your pet.


Consultation Rooms

vet examination We have two consult rooms where your pet will be examined by one of our vets. Small dogs and cats are generally examined on the table with a non-slip map to help them feel secure. The table can be folded away to give us more space to examine larger dogs.

We use Adaptil and Feliway spray in our consult rooms. These are pheromones designed to help relax your dog or cat and help make their experience with us as stress-free as possible.


Treatment Area

Treatment AreaThis is where you pet will be anaesthetised and prepared for surgery before being moved into the sterile operating theatre. We also perform non-sterile procedures here such as dentals. The area is set up with an isofluorane anaesthetic machine, oxygen lines, heart and respiration monitoring equipment and an ultrasonic dental unit.

We have two cages in this area where critical care patients are kept so we can monitor them constantly.


Surgical Theatre

Veterinary SurgeryThe surgical theatre is where we perform all sterile operations including orthopaedic and abdominal surgery, spays and castrations. It is fully equipped with an isofluorane anaesthetic machine, monitoring equipment, adjustable surgical table and adjustable ceiling light. During all procedures a nurse is present monitoring the anaesthetic of your pet.

All the instruments and equipment used for surgeries are sterilised in our autoclave.




We have a digital x-ray machine which takes high quality images. X-rays can be used to examine both bone and soft tissue such as the heart, lungs and abdominal organs. Digital x-rays means images can be easily viewed and adjusted on a computer screen to assist in diagnosis.





LabratoryOur laboratory is well stocked with various blood analysis machines, a centrifuge, microscope and other pieces of laboratory equipment. This allows us to perform many diagnostic procedures in house including blood tests (biochemistry and haematology), urine sample testing and cytology (looking at cells). These tests help us to diagnose various medical conditions and allow us to ensure your pets are healthy prior to any surgery procedures.




We have a well-stocked pharmacy with a wide range of prescription Pharmacymedications to treat your pet.





Dog Ward

Our dog ward is set up with kennels of different sizes to suit all dogs. Heating pads, hot water bottles, blankets and towels help to keep them cosy and comfortable. Animals in hospital can be easily set up and maintained on intravenous fluids via a rate controlled infusion pump.

We routinely spray Adaptil (dog appeasing pheromone) in the kennel room to help reduce stress in nervous patients.


Cat Ward

The cat ward is located towards the back of our clinic, separated far away from the dog ward. It is the quietest part of the clinic to try and help reduce stress in our feline patients. We also use Feliway spray (a pheromone with a calming affect) to help our feline friends feel relaxed during their stay with us.